Kristel Thornell

Night StreetOn The Blue TrainThe Sirens Sing

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"a quiet, exquisite paean to female independence and artistic vision."
Kate Holden, Sydney Morning Herald, Best Books of the Year

Inspired by the art and life of the Victorian artist Clarice Beckett (1887 - 1935), Night Street is the story of a painter who, having remained unmarried by choice, continues to live with her ageing parents. Hers is an existence which, from the outside, appears both restrictive and monotonous. In fact, it masks a vibrant and passionate hidden life. With a mobile painting trolley in lieu of a studio, Clarice makes her way through the streets and coastal suburbs of Melbourne at dawn and dusk where she creates sombre, enigmatic landscapes. Through her art, she enters into a world of sensuality and freedom, away from the constraints of a conservative and disapproving society.


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